Moldovan citizens will be able to invest in State Securities

Citizens will be able to invest directly in State Securities (VMS) through an electronic platform e-VMS, which will provide a real option for people to keep their savings in a place other than bank deposit. The draft law providing for this was voted in the final reading by the deputies, during the plenary session on October 13.

According to the latter legislative changes, natural persons will have direct access to purchase VMS through an electronic e-VMS platform, where VMS issues will be made by direct placement only to natural persons, without auctions and without intermediation.

Also, the aspects related to collaboration with international rating agencies and the issuance of securities on foreign financial markets were also regulated.

The purpose of the initiative is to expand the circle of investors and create favorable conditions for direct participation of investors in the internal market of VMS, providing a safe place for placing investments of natural persons, diversifying VMS sales channels, developing the secondary market of VMS, increasing the transparency of transactions with VMS and increasing the level of financial education of natural persons in the financial instruments offered by the state.


Moreover, this provision also includes the fact that the state could “borrow” from citizens.

The draft law was developed based on the recommendations made by the technical assistance missions from the International Monetary Fund regarding public sector debt statistics.

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