Romania will supply us with electricity!

The company Energocom and Hidroelectrica from Romania signed a contract for the supply of 100 MW of electricity on Thursday. The supply will start in the night from Thursday to Friday. This was announced by the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu.

“Hidroelectrica and Energocom, a company appointed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, signed a supply contract today – 100 MW. This night begins the supply of electricity for the Republic of Moldova. We were, we are and we will be with the citizens of the Republic of Moldova”, Virgil Popescu wrote on Thursday in a post on Facebook.


“In exceptional situations caused by the effects of the war in Ukraine on the security of electricity supply in the Republic of Moldova, electricity producers are obliged to conclude bilateral contracts, within the limits of the available quantities, primarily with electricity traders/suppliers designated by the Government of the Republic Moldova, in this sense, at the reference price provided in annex no. 2”.

The electricity sold under these conditions exclusively covers the consumption needs of final consumers in the Republic of Moldova.

Since October 11, Ukraine has stopped exporting electricity to our country, due to missile attacks on several thermal power plants.

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