Moldovan Parliament President Addresses Security Challenges at International Crimea Platform Summit

The President of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Grosu, spoke about the security situation in the Republic of Moldova at the second Parliamentary Summit of the International Platform Crimea, which is taking place today in Prague, as stated in a press release from the Parliament.

In his speech, the President of the Parliament mentioned that the Republic of Moldova is the target of constant hybrid attacks from Russia and is fighting against threats and challenges aimed at destabilizing the country. “Russia will not willingly abandon hostile actions against the Republic of Moldova, as it seeks to maintain its status as a metropolis, while keeping Moldova as an underdeveloped and hostile colony to the West. But we oppose and resist these threats, combating propaganda, disinformation, and attempts to destabilize the country from within,” Igor Grosu noted.

According to the President of the Parliament, a crucial factor for the security of the Republic of Moldova and the region is for Ukraine to be an independent country and a member of the larger European family.


“We support this goal and are eager to strengthen our bilateral cooperation and support Ukraine’s recovery. I am confident that together, we will rebuild the economies of Moldova and Ukraine.” The head of the legislature emphasized that in the last year alone, exports between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have increased eightfold. Additionally, another factor directly assisting Ukraine is the trilateral cooperation with Romania, which facilitates the use of regional opportunities in the conditions of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In his speech in Prague, the President of the Parliament condemned both the inhuman war, lasting for over 600 days, initiated by Russia in Ukraine and the bloody attacks on Israel and violence against civilians. “The whole world is shaken by attacks that disrupt the peace and order we have been accustomed to in recent decades. Today’s meeting reaffirms our unity and solidarity against aggression and threats to an international order based on rules. Only together will we succeed!” Igor Grosu added.

The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, participated today in the second Parliamentary Summit of the International Platform Crimea. The meeting is taking place in Prague and is organized by Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

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