New British Ambassador to Chisinau: Fern Horine Assumes Role in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is gearing up to welcome a new face in the diplomatic arena, as Fern Horine, formerly the Deputy Director of Transformation and Operations at the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is set to take up her role as the British Ambassador to Chisinau.

Horine’s official mandate is scheduled to commence in October 2023, and anticipation is building as she is expected to arrive in the Republic of Moldova in the coming days. Her extensive experience in diplomatic and international affairs positions her as an adept choice to represent British interests and engage with the Moldovan government.

In the meantime, the tenure of the outgoing British Ambassador, Steven Fisher, is drawing to a close. Fisher, who has served diligently in his role, has been actively bidding farewell to officials in Chisinau, marking the end of his diplomatic assignment.


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