Romanian Senate Votes to Establish Institute for Moldova’s EU Integration Support

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, welcomed the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, at the beginning of their official meeting, which took place at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace in Bucharest, Romania, on February 23, 2023.

The Senate adopted, on Monday, the legislative proposal to establish the Institute for Supporting the Integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union during the accession negotiations, as reported by Agerpres.

According to the project, this is an autonomous administrative institution with legal personality, and its role is to provide technical assistance to institutions and public authorities in the Republic of Moldova.

The institute’s annual reports will be sent for information to the two chambers of Parliament. The leadership is ensured by a council consisting of the institute’s president, with the rank of secretary of state, and the vice-president, with the rank of undersecretary of state. Their mandates are four years and can be renewed only once. The president and vice-president are appointed and dismissed by the majority vote of the deputies and senators, gathered in a joint session of the two chambers of Parliament, upon the proposal of parliamentary groups.

The legislative proposal will be debated by the Chamber of Deputies, which is the decision-making body in this case.


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