British Ambassador Assesses Moldovan Government Reforms and Justice Timeline

The government is making progress on the path of reforms, but the justice system will require more time, stated the United Kingdom Ambassador to Moldova, Steven Fisher, on Moldova 1.

“No one should expect quick results; good justice is a process. The country’s government has shown that it respects the opinions of the Venice Commission. We have seen that various individuals in the country’s political sphere have been brought to justice, at least the processes have begun. I believe that justice is functioning, but it is functioning slowly,” affirmed Steven Fisher.

Steven Fisher also emphasized that last year, London authorities announced sanctions against corrupt oligarchs Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Șor. The diplomat further reminded that all assets of these two politicians on British territory have been frozen, and these individuals are prohibited from entering the United Kingdom, and transactions with these two oligarchs by British companies are also forbidden.


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