Moldovan Security Service: Russia Spent Over 1 BILLION Lei to Undermine Moldovan Elections. Recruiting Men for Violence

Russia is said to have spent over 1 billion lei to undermine the elections in Moldova. These statements were made by the head of the SIS (Security and Information Service), Alexandru Musteață.

According to him, the authorities had previously uncovered plans to overthrow the government involving foreign citizens. Subsequently, Moldovan men were recruited and trained to participate in street violence.

“SIS has identified activities aimed at promoting the interests of the foreign state, the Russian Federation. We observe a massive focus on compromising the elections. SIS, in collaboration with the IGP (Inspectorate General of Police) and the Prosecutor’s Office, has detected the offering of a substantial amount of financial funds by a party controlled by Ilan Șor,” stated Musteață.

Musteață spoke about the connections between the “Șansă” Party and Ilan Șor. He also mentioned that the corruption problem is so serious that there are 160 volumes of cases, and the country risks not having enough officers to maintain public order in case they are mobilized to counter corruption during the election period.

The head of SIS emphasized that in the last few months alone, 90 million lei had been allocated for the illegal financing of the campaign and voter corruption. Additionally, according to him, the criminal group associated with Ilan Șor is operating in collaboration with Vlad Plahotniuc.


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