Natalia Gavrilița attended the opening of the Reunion of Romanian National Theaters

The Prime Minister, Natalia Gavrilița, participated in the opening of the 7th edition of the Reunion of Romanian National Theatres. The head of the Cabinet of Ministers was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan.

“My colleagues told me that the tickets for the show “Capcana”, which opens the Reunion of Romanian Theaters, sold out very quickly and they were all sold out. It is a sign that this theater festival has been expected, that people are thirsty for culture. It’s a sign that, in these troubled times, art is once again a refuge, a dose of inspiration for those who value freedom of expression, critical spirit and creativity. It’s a sign that, in the 21st century, hatred, terror and violence no longer have their place and that they can be fought through education and culture”, wrote Natalia Gavrilița.


The Prime Minister welcomed the presence of the National Theater in Kyiv at this meeting – a symbol of resistance, of the fight for peace, freedom and hope.

“In the first months after the start of the war in Ukraine, I met the screenwriter of a theater in Lviv, Nina Zahojinko. We discussed the fears of two women – mothers in such a turbulent time. Nina told me then that all the pain she experiences can only be expressed through art. And it is true that in these more than 200 days of war, we have seen an impressive mobilization of people from the arts to convey messages of peace and solidarity”, the Head of the Executive also pointed out.

The Reunion of Romanian National Theaters is being held this year under the high patronage of two presidents: Maia Sandu and Klaus Iohannis.

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