Natalia Gavrilița explains why Moldovagaz is in debt with Energocom?

The green light for the loan from Energocom, contracted by Moldovagaz, was given so that the country would not run out of energy resources. This is how Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița explains the decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations.

The Head of the Executive says that the Republic of Moldova must give “as few reasons as possible” to the Russian giant Gazprom to close the tap. On the other hand, Gavrilița also declares that, if it is decided to stop the supply of gas, the causes will be political, not commercial.

“Unfortunately, we have to come to the aid of Moldovagaz to solve the liquidity problem. This 1,050 million is not enough for Moldovagaz to pay Gazprom’s advance for the month of November,” said Gavrilița in the studio of the “Secretele Puterii” show on JurnalTV.


The official also points out that, if the money is not returned, the authorities will have the right to “take over the country’s transport network”. The pipelines represent the pledge offered by Moldovagaz, the objective being strategic for the country.

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