Natalia Gavrilita: There is a risk that Gazprom will completely stop natural gas supplies

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița confirmed that the risk of Gazprom completely stopping natural gas deliveries to the Republic of Moldova still exists. However, according to the prime minister, such a scenario will not be generated by the violation of contractual provisions, but by the fact that the Republic of Moldova joined the rhetoric of the international community condemning the war in Ukraine.

Also, the Head of the Executive assures that the Republic of Moldova is ready to face a possible complete stoppage of gas from Gazprom. As the authorities are stockpiling natural gas that will be used in emergency cases if Gazprom turns off the tap.

Natalia Gavrilița says that after the 30% reduction in the volumes of natural gas delivered by Gazprom, the authorities do not rule out the scenario of a complete stoppage of gas, according to The Prime Minister implies that Gazprom is an unpredictable partner that does not take into account the contractual provisions.

“Regardless of what is stipulated in the contract, we saw how European countries were disconnected month after month, which had to find alternatives. Therefore, this risk obviously persists. But this risk does not come from certain contractual provisions, because whoever wants to terminate the contract will find reasons. It is clear that we strongly condemn the war in Ukraine, the so-called referendums and the attempt to annex territories. We have committed ourselves to be part of the free world, to develop in a European style, that’s why I can find reasons in the contract, in the protocols, in the agreements”, said Natalia Gavrilița in during a TV show on Vocea Bessarabia.


The Head of the Executive says that the Government always made sure that Moldovagaz could honor all its payments to Gazprom.

Recently, the Russian concern Gazprom mentioned that it reserves the right to interrupt the delivery of natural gas, but also to terminate the contract with Moldovagaz, if payment is not made by October 20.

According to the contract signed with Gazprom, the Republic of Moldova undertakes to pay on the 20th of each month both the payment for the previous month’s consumption and 50% of the advance payment for the current month.

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