CEB to reimburse 900 million euro to Moldova spent by its medical system

Moldova will benefit of a reimbursement in the amount of 900 thousand euros for the retroactive coverage of the expenses incurred by the health system in order to provide medical assistance to refugees from Ukraine. In this sense, the deputies ratified yesterday, October 6, during the plenary session, the Agreement between the Government of our country and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, which grants this money.

The grant will be used by the Ministry of Health, through the National Medical Insurance Company, to finance the expenses, which had two components: medical assistance provided through medical institutions and medical assistance provided by mobile teams.

“In this way, we make sure that the country’s budget is helped by external partners in the efforts to help refugees and to reduce the negative effects on the socioeconomic situation related to this crisis”, mentioned the Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco, in the plenary session of the Legislature.


The term of validity of the agreement is provided until January 31, 2023.

According to Government officials, the grant of 900 thousand euros partially covers the expenses borne by the medical system of the Republic of Moldova for the respective purposes, but there are also other international institutions that have contributed or are available to contribute.

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