National Anticorruption center’s director: “Ilan Șor’s properties worth 1.5 billion lei have already been seized”

The director of the National Anticorruption Center says that the Agency for the Recovery of Criminal Assets has seized properties belonging to Ilan Șor worth 1.5 billion lei. Iulian Rusu says that, at present, investigations are taking place in order to apply seizure on some goods from abroad that belong to the fugitive deputy.

The director of NAC says that the law enforcement officers are investigating the origin of the money that ensures the functionality of the social stores opened by Ilan Șor, according to

Iulian Rusu also says that Șor’s properties in the Republic of Moldova have already been seized.

“We seized the assets that we identified. The seizures applied by the Agency for the Recovery of Criminal Assets reached the amount of 1.5 billion lei. These are properties from Moldova. Outside the country, we are in the process of working with colleagues in several jurisdictions to help us identify more. We have some preliminary figures, they are in the hundreds of millions. At first glance, the sources invested in social stores do not come from fraud, but in order to prove their provenance we are going to analyze the whole chain. It’s a more complex troubleshooting process, we need the help of foreign colleagues, we don’t have all the data “, said Iulian Rusu during the show” Cutia Neagră “from TV8.

The head of the NAC also came with explanations regarding the summons to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office of the wife of the ex-president Igor Dodon, Galina Dodon. Iulian Rusu says that the actions of the prosecutors take place in the context of the accusation of the former president of illicit enrichment.

“There are measures taken by prosecutors. We provide the necessary support to the prosecutor’s office. There are four charges. We provided all the information requested by prosecutors, operational analysis, parallel financial investigations, they referred to one end of the accusation, the one aimed at illicit enrichment. My assumption is that the prosecutors, from the information provided, found connections (with Galina Dodon). We are talking about financial assets, in various buildings that have been established by intermediaries. These are big numbers. It’s about tens of millions “, said the head of CNA.

Yesterday, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office announced that Galina Dodon, the wife of former President Igor Dodon, was summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office to be heard as a defendant in the case known as “Kuliok”, in which her husband is suspected. According to the prosecution, “there is evidence that she participated in the crime.”

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