Tents, cooking space and hygiene areas: Truck drivers will have customs access islands

Rescuers are installing access islands at customs for truck drivers waiting to pass checks. The announcement was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

According to Ana Revenco, the installation started on Tuesday. The official said in a briefing that they will be fully operational by the end of the day.

“The teams of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations have intervened to create access islands for TIR drivers who are waiting to pass the customs checks. There are rest tents, hygiene services, a place to prepare food and drinking water is available “, Revenco pointed out.
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In the press statements she made, Revenco offered assurances that the joint customs clearance process will start on Wednesday in Leușeni. According to her, the authorities made derogations and created regulations in order to be able to apply the procedures at the same time.

We remind you that the problem of the trucks standing in line at customs is not a new one, and the drivers spent 48 hours in a row before. After Russia invaded Ukraine, the waiting time for controls increased 2.5 times, and carriers asked authorities on both sides of the Prut to identify solutions.

Natalia Gavrilița discussed the subject with her Romanian counterpart, Nicolae Ciucă, and the Government in Chisinau announced the implementation of joint customs clearance and specified that it will provide psychological and medical assistance to drivers.

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