The Ombudsman is looking for experts and specialists for collaboration

The Office of the People’s Advocate (OAP) intends to collaborate with as many and diverse people as possible, and in as many areas of intervention as possible, in order to protect, promote and prevent human rights violations in the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, the Ombudsman calls on citizens to submit their applications for inclusion in a separate list of such experts to be consulted by the Office.

“We are making an announcement to attract experts and specialists from various fields (we currently have 28 fields) that we would like to have in our list of experts / specialists, and if necessary, to be able to involve them in various tasks. Such an announcement will be made periodically, at the beginning of each year, to complete the Roaster of experts / specialists (for objective reasons, this year I made it half a year). We will probably have more areas next year “, the Ombudsman’s announcement reads.

To be part of the list of experts / specialists within the PLO, you only need to present four sets of documents:

  • CV;
  • Indication of the field of interest (there may be several fields);
  • Copies of study certificates and other documents attesting your expertise;
  • Statement on one’s own responsibility about the lack of a criminal record.

The application deadline is July 15.

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