New record 2023: Moldovan grapes exported to 33 countries

In the year 2023, exports of table grapes have increased significantly compared to 2022. The producers managed to increase the quantity of grapes exported by about 11% and the value by about 33%. The figures were presented today by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

Thus, in 2023, 84.55 thousand tons of grapes were exported, worth a total of $75.67 million (average price per kg of $0.9), according to Customs Service data.

In 2023, the geography of exports expanded considerably, with deliveries to 33 countries, compared to 23 countries in 2022. New destinations include Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, and Albania.


Following the European Parliament’s decision, Moldovan grape exporters are granted unrestricted access to the EU market, free from tariffs or quantity limitations. While this presents a significant opportunity, it also carries a heightened level of responsibility. Producers must now prioritize effective planning and coordination to ensure that their grape exports adhere to the stringent requirements set by the EU.

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