Oazu Nantoi: The state must apply the law when it comes to national security

Government deputies and representatives of civil society say that the dissensions between Chisinau and Comrat appear because the autonomy was granted too many privileges, notes ipn.md.

The former deputy prime minister for reintegration, Vlad Kulminski, explains the scandal during the meeting of President Sandu with the deputies of the People’s Assembly. He claims that the socialists wanted to compromise the visit of the head of state to Comrat.

It comes after several members of the People’s Assembly asked the president to go to Russia to negotiate a better gas price.

“During the meeting in the People’s Assembly, out of the 33 deputies present, 30 asked difficult, tough questions, but in a very polite way. They showed respect for the state of the Republic of Moldova and the position of president. But there were 3 deputies from the socialist faction, who were simply screaming non-stop. This is not how you can behave with the president of the country. It was only right that the meeting was interrupted. We don’t have to put everyone in one pot, there were people who came with a clear aim to undermine this meeting and cause a scandal”, said the former deputy prime minister for reintegration, Vlad Kulminski, during the show “Time of Expertise” from JurnalTV.

In the context of the disputes during the meeting of the president with the deputies of the People’s Assembly, the representatives of the government say that the public opinion should not create a general impression about Gagauz autonomy through the statements of some elected officials from the region.


“It is not necessary to create an impression about all our fellow citizens from the Gagauz autonomy, starting from a handful of provocateurs and shouters, often absolutely uneducated, from the People’s Assembly. There are different trends in autonomy. For example, the number of parents who want to send their children to studies taught in Romanian is increasing substantially. Many young people study at the University of Galati. Slowly start business with Romania. But we are in a situation where the political message in Gagauzia is monopolized by a group of people from the People’s Assembly. When the motan is not at home, the mice play on the table, especially those funded by the Russian Federation. The state must enforce the law when it comes to national security. The central power did not take care of the integration of this autonomy”, said the PAS deputy, Oazu Nantoi.

On September 2, President Maia Sandu visited Comrat. The head of state met with the deputies of the People’s Assembly and gave a speech in front of the students and professors of the State University of Comrat. The visit did not include a separate meeting with the coach of UTA Gagauzia, Irina Vlah.

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