The only international event dedicated to the tourism industry, at the second edition

The Investment Agency and the Ministry of Culture are organizing the second edition of “Moldova Tourism Forum” on September 29 and 30. It is the most important event dedicated to the tourism industry in our country. Present at the forum will be renowned experts from around the world, responsible for the relevant state institutions the field, representatives of the business environment, of the associative environment and the diplomatic corps.

During the two days of presentations and specialist workshops, the main trends will be analyzed, as well as challenges and development directions in the tourism industry of the Republic of Moldova. The main purpose of the event is the identification of priorities, the dissemination of good practices and the consolidation of a sectoral platforms through which to boost the development of strong industries based on sustainability and innovation.


The tourism industry in the Republic of Moldova has gone through a series of transformations in recent years. The pandemic has caused a major change in tourists’ preferences internationally and thus there is a pressing need to adapt the offer to request. The forum serves to strengthen inter-sector collaborations and creates a bridge between tourism service providers, other related economic fields, with representatives of the institutions that regulate the field and the tourists who access these services.

At the same time, the event is the prism of transposition of global developments in the realities of our country, adapted to local specifics and current circumstances. The role of tourism in the development of the economy, good governance and the social field – is the main objective of “Moldova Tourism Forum 2022”. Tourism industry contributes fully to 3 development objectives: income growth, places of work and promoting the image of the country. Until the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism contributed 5% to GDP or approximately 500 million dollars.

“The unprecedented crisis we all faced, as well as the war in Ukraine, calls us to strengthen and better coordinate our interventions and public policies, with greater emphasis on elements of sustainability, innovation and creativity. In addition to tourism being an engine of growth, it can also contribute to the stimulation of social inclusion, the preservation of cultural heritage, national pride and dignity, social cohesion and integration of national minorities, while building a path for peace and dialogue.

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