The field of renewable energy in Moldova – attractive for Danish investors?

The Speaker of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, invited a group of businessmen from Denmark to come to Chisinau to invest in renewable energy. The announcement was made today, September 7, by Grosu, who is on a trip to Copenhagen for three days.

“I had meetings with representatives of the main Danish energy companies, the president of the confederation of Danish industries, but also the vice-president and members of the foreign policy committee of the Danish Parliament. The main topic of discussion is the global energy crisis and we exchanged ideas about energy resilience and the Danish experience in the field. We are very interested in Denmark’s energy efficiency, renewable energy policies in particular – solar panels, wind turbines, etc. We talked about increasing trade relations and Danish investments in our country. Our team want to bring more investors from Denmark to the Republic of Moldova, because this is the only way we will be able to create well-paid jobs at home. In this context, we invited a group of businessmen to come to Chisinau to invest in renewable energy,” Igor Grosu wrote.

The President of the Parliament spoke about the foreign policy of Moldova with the vice-president of the foreign policy committee of the Danish Parliament, Aastrup Jensen.


“I stated that once the status of a candidate country for the EU was obtained, the Republic of Moldova fully engaged in the process of reforming the country. We understand that the process of European integration is long-lasting and we are ready to act to offer citizens a future in the great European family. I was happy to hear that the Danish parliamentarians undertook to analyze the reinstatement of the Republic of Moldova on the list of priorities of the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA), which would give our country the opportunity to benefit from several important projects for the well-being of our citizens”, added Grosu.

We specify that Igor Grosu has on his agenda several official meetings (between September 5-8), including with his Danish counterpart, Henrik Dam Kristensen and Her Majesty Queen Margaret II of Denmark. The President of the Parliament will also meet with the Danish diaspora.

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