Theatrical premiere at Geneza Art! The spicy comedy – “Sonata Lunii”

The “Geneza Art” theater invites you to the premiere of the performance “SONATA LUNII”, which will take place on Wednesday, September 14, at 7:00 p.m. The show inspired by the movie “Dine with the upstairs neighbors” and adapted to the theater stage by the director Daniela Burlaca presents the story of four multiplied characters – the downstairs and upstairs neighbors.

The downstairs neighbors have been together for many years. They barely see each other anymore, and arguments have become a constant in their relationship. On a Friday night, the upstairs neighbors, a little younger than them, will come to the feast. What the hosts don’t know is that this evening will unexpectedly turn into an orchestra of untuned emotions.


Classical music, spicy themes, challenging situations that highlight the issue of the couple from the love relationship to the experience of sex. An 18+ comedy that will keep you on your toes.

In roles:

Iurie Gologan/ Inna Colbasiuc

Nicu Țurcanu/ Cristina Trînbaci

Viorel Cozma/ Ana-Sia Carăuș

Cristian Perepeliuc/ Veronica Odagiu

Andrei Chira/Victoria Botnar

Mihai Bordian/ Daniela Burlaca

Director: Daniela Burlaca

Costumes: Lilia Ixari

For additional information call the tel. 0795 96 996 (Cristina Răileanu)

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