Officially: the MFAEI has been reorganized into two parts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has been reorganized by the government to become the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On Wednesday, the cabinet approved the relevant draft.

This came after parliament decided to change the list of ministries at the request of the prime minister.

“Two months have been set for the government to agree on the necessary documents for the reorganization of the relevant ministry. Therefore, taking into account the restructuring of the Foreign Ministry, the functions in the field of European integration will be transferred to the State Chancellery (Directorate for European Integration),” the explanatory note reads.

At the same time, the government approved the regulations on the work of the group that will negotiate Moldova’s accession to the EU. The document established the powers of the European Integration Office, the composition of the negotiating team, and the cooperation regime between the institutions.


“The best practices of the EU member states and some accession candidate countries in the coordinating accession negotiations from the institutional and functional point of view were taken into account in the elaboration of the draft. In this respect, the models of Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Lithuania, and Croatia were studied,” the approved project’s reference says.

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