People in Need Moldova launches call for project proposals to reduce negative impact of energy crisis on vulnerable population

People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-governmental organization that provides emergency aid and development assistance, while working for the protection of human rights and democratic freedom. It is one of the largest aid and development organizations in Europe and has managed projects in 37 countries over the past 30 years. People in Need has been active in the Republic of Moldova since 2003, implementing projects in the following sectors: living and sustainable environment; inclusion and social protection; good governance and human rights.

The current project is intended to limit the negative socio-economic impact of the current energy crisis on vulnerable households in the Republic of Moldova, thus preventing the deterioration of the situation towards a socio-economic crisis that could lead to massive social unrest. The main objective of the action is to maintain the stability of the Republic of Moldova. This action contributes to the European Commission’s foreign policy and is in line with the objectives of the Instrument for Stability and Peace (IcSP) in the areas of crisis response, conflict prevention and crisis preparedness. Finally, the action strengthens the role of civil society as an active pillar of democracy, community building and policy dialogue.

The project aims to achieve its overall goal through the following three results:

Outcome 1 – The action will provide vulnerable households with direct access to multifunctional cash assistance (MPCA) and in-kind heating assistance to meet the needs of target populations.

Outcome 2 – The vulnerable population will have access to improved social services, such as access to food, transport, legal assistance, debt counseling, etc. to meet a wide range of needs.

Outcome 3 – A comprehensive study on energy-related household indebtedness will be conducted, along with specific information actions.

Purpose of this call for proposals:
This call is part of Outcome 2, and through this action the vulnerable population will have access to improved social services to meet a wide range of needs.

This call for proposals provides the following key pillars: Increased access to social services for disadvantaged people and households; Immediate provision of social services; Expanding and diversifying social services to reach more beneficiaries.

Among other activities, training and education can strengthen the resilience of individuals and households by developing resilience skills by strengthening technical and professional skills, life skills, financial education, nutrition, awareness and more.

Activities can focus on, but are not limited to, providing access to: food, Transport, legal assistance, training / instruction, debt counseling, etc. Priority will be given to organizations with previous experience in carrying out similar projects and which have a high level of visibility, community involvement and support from local stakeholders. A letter of support from local public authorities to ensure the sustainability of the services provided through this action will be considered an advantage in the project selection process.

Activities should start immediately after the conclusion of the contract, in order to ensure the timely coverage of the project.

In addition to the grant, the selected organization will also receive support for organizational and financial capacity building. All organizations will benefit from mandatory online training on financial management and grant reporting, as well as training on project monitoring. Additional capacity building may be provided upon request.

Grant conditions:
The amount of each grant will be between EUR 5,000 and EUR 60,000 for the provision of services. However, where possible, organizations are encouraged to target around EUR 30,000. The total budget available for this call for proposals is EUR 324 000.
You can read more about this here.

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