(PHOTO) The NACC has detained six people in the case of illegal funding of the “Shor” party

This morning, July 9, in Comrat, officers searched the headquarters of the territorial organization of the unconstitutional party “Shor” and the homes of activists as part of a criminal case involving money laundering, illegal financing of a political party, and falsification of financial reports. Following the raids, officers from the National Anti-Corruption Center detained six people. Officers will hold them in isolation for 72 hours.

“The activities took place within the framework of a criminal case to investigate the illegal actions of the suspects, expressed in the mobilization of people to participate in organized protests, the payment of salaries to party activists and passenger carriers, as well as the transfer of funds through “MIR” bank cards issued by banking structures of the Russian Federation,” the NACC said in a statement.

As a result of 17 searches conducted on the premises of 6 defendants in the case and the headquarters of the city of Comrat, the territorial organization of the unconstitutional party “Shor,” monetary sums in lei and foreign currency, data carriers, and dozens of bank cards were seized.

The Cahul City Prosecutor’s Office is guiding the criminal prosecution.


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