Plahotniuc and Shor financed it! Five other TV stations have lost their broadcasting permits

The Council for the Promotion of Investment Projects of National Importance found that LLC “Telesistem TV” (First in Moldova, Accent TV), LLC “Archidoc Group” (Orizont TV), and LLC “Telestar Media” (Channel 2 and Channel 3) are financed from dubious sources, leaving these companies without permit documents for television broadcasts and audiovisual services. The Government issued a press release on the subject on Thursday, 30 May.

“They have violated the Council’s request to provide the full information file by submitting the information and data of only one bank account. But they hold 5 and 8 other accounts in different banks.

The Council identified transactions confirming each company’s affiliation with the Plahotniuc-Shor grouping,” a press release issued by the Government said.


At the same time, the Council approved the investments of the company “Satelrom-TV” SRL (TV Drochia and Drochia FM), while requesting additional information for SRL “Statis TV” (Zona M) and SRL “Real Exim” (

The Council also sent a final notice to 36 companies out of the 88 concerned that had not previously responded to the request to submit the necessary information.

“The council also decided to self-investigate two companies in the strategic energy infrastructure sector, namely “Lukoil-Moldova” and “Societatea Nationala de Gaze Naturale Romgaz SA Medias – Sucursala Chisinau.” In their case, changes in the shareholding structure have recently taken place and the approval procedure is required,” the same press release said.

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