PM Recean Calls for Comprehensive Review of Lenient Justice in Response to Rising Cases of Serious Road Accidents

Prime Minister Dorin Recean has expressed dissatisfaction with the situation in the judiciary and, in particular, with cases where drivers who cause serious accidents are punished too leniently. As a result, the official has requested an analysis of severe road accidents in the last five years and of the judges who have investigated these cases. The statements were made at the beginning of today’s Government session, as reported by MOLDPRES.

“I see that the corrupt minority within the justice sector keeps trying to test the waters, and the situation within Moldovan justice is already departing from the patterns of absurd theater. We will continue to insist on this reform and on cleansing the system. Now, pre-vetting will continue, and the Anti-Corruption Court will be active. I understand the frustrations, I’ve heard some complaints, but I want to convey to this corrupt minority that you cannot claim independence if you lack legitimacy, and you have departed from legitimacy. I want to provide you with examples that affect concrete people when the police repeatedly document the same intoxicated individuals behind the wheel. After a certain period, these people are involved in accidents where other individuals lose their lives. I want to understand the basis of the decisions made by these judges who justified the release of these individuals. Therefore, I request Minister Adrian Efros to analyze all severe road accidents resulting in deaths and serious situations over the last five years. We need to see the background of these drivers and identify the specific judges who presided over these cases when serious accidents occurred. We’ll start from here,” said Dorin Recean.

Recently, a fatal road accident in the capital city was caused by a driver previously documented for driving under the influence. With a rising chorus of public concern and media attention focusing on the growing road safety crisis in Moldova, Prime Minister Recean’s initiative reflects a proactive response to the escalating challenges faced by the nation. The proposed review aims to scrutinize the underlying factors contributing to this concerning trend and assess the role of the judiciary in addressing the issue.


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