Premier Gavriliță explains who will provide Moldova with electricity

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița says that the Moldovan authorities negotiate every month both with the representatives of the Cuciurgan Thermal Power Plant and with the energy companies in Ukraine in order to obtain the best price for electricity for the country’s citizens. The statement was made during the “In Depth” show on Pro TV.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers claims that the Republic of Moldova has the possibility to sign power supply contracts with Ukraine “for several months”, and the discussions in this regard “have just started”.

“We have the opportunity to sign contracts with Ukraine for several months. Yes, there is a degree of uncertainty and these contracts should have some possibilities for price indexation. I just started these discussions. June is the first month we have bought 30% of our electricity in Ukraine and we are considering signing a medium-term contract”, said Premier Gavriliță.

“We continue to establish good, reliable business relations with Ukrainian companies, while also negotiating with the Cuciurgan plant because our goal is to get the best price for the citizens. You have noticed that in the last three months we have managed to keep the price at the level that existed before”, added Gavrilița.

“We must prepare for a complicated winter, because the challenges continue, the war is not over. Can you imagine how many capacities of the Government, of the leaders in the state, are used every month to make sure that the prices do not increase, to make sure that we have the best decisions in the general interest”, concluded the Prime Minister.

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The National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) approved the new electricity tariffs at its meeting on June 8th. Thus, according to the decision, Premier Energy consumers will pay 2 lei and 64 bani for a kWh, compared to 2 lei and 17 bani per kWh as it is now.

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