The arrest of the former president of Moldova – Extended?

Judges will decide today, June 21st, whether the home arrest of Igor Dodon will be extended. Also, a similar request, but regarding the pre-trial detention, will be examined regarding his brother-in-law, Petru Merineanu. Realitatea will broadcast live images from the spot on and RLive TV.

Dodon was taken into custody at his home on May 26, after special troops searched his and his interlocutors house on May 24. The former president has been charged with illicit enrichment, treason, acceptance of political party funding by an organized criminal group, and passive corruption.

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His wife, Galina Dodon, has been summoned and is listed as an accomplice in illicit enrichment and is banned from leaving the country for two months. The two plead not guilty, and the ex-first lady claims that her brother also did not commit illegalities, but earned money when he worked in Russia, and then invested them in the business he owns in his native village.

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During the searches carried out at the end of May, money was found at Igor Dodon’s home, and at his brother-in-law’s – a receipt according to which Galina Dodon offered a sum of 25,000 euros. The money was offered for kitchen equipment, then the person who signed it stated that the amount was refunded after delivery of the products and was more than the value of the technique.

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Prosecutors say they have evidence of Dodon and the suspects. They claim that the former president, through his actions, threatened certain vital aspects of the Republic of Moldova. If proven guilty, he faces up to 20 years in prison. “Evidence was presented as an appendix to the file, over 100 pages. Evidence that indicates the risk of destruction of evidence, influence of witnesses, determination to make false statements. According to our vision and materials presented to the court for investigation, it is inadmissible because a person is placed under house arrest “, the officers previously claimed.

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