President Maia Sandu Engages Moldovan Diaspora in Switzerland, Promises a Better Future for Moldova

“In Zurich, I had a warm discussion with Moldovans in Switzerland. They shared their hope for a better Moldova with me.”

“Our citizens want tangible results in the fight against corruption. They want Moldovan products with added value to reach European markets. They desire more affordable flights to Chisinau, bridges to Romania, and closer ties with the European Union. I assured them that this is what we are doing: investing in infrastructure, supporting businesses, advancing reforms, and moving toward the EU. Moldova’s accession to the EU is the only way to guarantee the country’s security and protect our democracy. We pursue an active foreign policy and do our homework so that we can initiate accession negotiations as soon as possible and be ready to become an EU member state by the end of the decade.”

“I am pleased with the questions regarding how our overseas citizens can contribute to Moldova’s progress. I urge them to continue supporting democracy in elections, invest in the country, and, if possible, return home to help change Moldova for the better,” the president wrote on her Facebook page.


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