President Maia Sandu Raises Concerns Over Russian Interference in Moldovan Elections

President Maia Sandu is warning about the risks of compromising the democratic nature of the local general elections through the attempts of the Russian Federation to buy candidates and corrupt voters. “We see interference,” stated the head of state, emphasizing that Russia does not respect the Republic of Moldova and its citizens’ choices. At the same time, the president reiterated that there is no danger of Russian aggression against Moldova “because Ukraine resists.”

“The citizens of Moldova must understand one thing: in the past, the Russian Federation bought leaders of Moldova, but now they cannot buy the country’s leadership, so they are trying to buy the voters. This poses a major risk to our country’s security. In 2020, the Russian Federation realized that it couldn’t win the elections with pro-Russian parties. Now we see that the Russian Federation is playing with parties that claim to be pro-Russian, but they are also playing with parties that declare themselves pro-European. And it is clear to them that the choice of the Moldovan citizens is the pro-European option. Votes are not for sale; we need to build resistance and resilience. The Russian Federation is trying to exploit some vulnerabilities, and we should not have these vulnerabilities,” President Maia Sandu said on the set of the “Puncte de reflecție” show on Vocea Basarabiei.

The president confirmed that there have been attempts by the Russian Federation throughout the year to overthrow the current government.

“These attempts have failed because the state institutions have fulfilled their functions, but this does not mean that there will be no more risks,” the head of state specified, mentioning that one of the major risks is Russia’s involvement in the general local elections in Moldova, scheduled for November 5.

“This attempt to compromise these elections, to buy citizens’ votes, is not in the interest of the citizens of Moldova. What’s good for us is peace, social cohesion, the chance to develop our economy, and the ability to live in peace,” Maia Sandu added.

The prosperous future of Moldova lies in the European Union, Maia Sandu concluded, stating that in the EU, Moldova will be safe.


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