President Sandu, at Euronest: The war in Ukraine made Moldovans poorer

“The war in Ukraine has made Moldovans poorer and more vulnerable.” The statement was made by the head of state, Maia Sandu, during the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, inaugurated today in Chisinau. Maia Sandu gave a speech in English in front of about 100 European officials.

“The brutal war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine threw our continent into the middle of a geopolitical earthquake not seen since the Second World War… The war teaches us that we must cooperate to guarantee democracy… In Moldova, the pro-Russian attack line is linked to the orchestrated protests caused by economic difficulties. The war in Ukraine has made our people poorer and more vulnerable. Last year, Moldovans struggled with inflation and a very serious economic crisis, but we were there for them. The government provided compensation and financial support for the most vulnerable. Our Western partners helped us finance programs, such as the energy vulnerability fund… For the first time in history, we no longer depend on a single source for natural gas reserves,” said Maia Sandu.

The head of state also spoke about the European path of the Republic of Moldova.

“As a candidate country, Moldova is determined to work and move forward on the path of European integration… We have a strong civil society, we are even ahead of some European countries in terms of press freedom. We want to be part of the European Union, we want to be part of the free world, we want to survive as a democracy, we want to live in peace”, concluded Sandu.


We remind you that around 100 officials from Eastern Partnership countries and members of the European Parliament are participating in the 10th session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (AP Euronest), which is being held these days in Chisinau.

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly was established on May 3, 2011, in Brussels, when the presidents of the parliaments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and the European Union signed the Constitutive Act of the Assembly.

The mission of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is to promote the necessary conditions for the acceleration of political association and economic integration between the EU and the Eastern European partners and to strengthen cooperation in the region, as well as between the region and the EU. The multilateral assembly contributes to the consolidation, development, and increase of the visibility of the Eastern Partnership.

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