President Sandu discussed Moldova’s accession to the EU with the Ambassadors of France and Germany

The head of state met today with Graham Paul, the Ambassador of France, and Margret Uebber, the Ambassador of Germany, both accredited to Chisinau, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. The document laid the foundations for the Franco-German partnership and is considered the driving force behind the formation and development of the European Union after the Second World War.

President Maia Sandu expressed gratitude for the support of France and Germany in our country’s European path, for jointly establishing the Support Platform for Moldova with Romania, and for cooperation in the defense sector.


At the same time, the head of state reaffirmed her commitment to continuing reforms to strengthen the rule of law, ensure the security of the state, and guarantee the well-being of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova. This is aimed at aligning our country with European standards and obtaining membership status in the European community as soon as possible.

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