Minister Luminita Odobescu in Brussels Advocates for a “Predictable Accession Timeline” for Moldova to the EU

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Luminița Odobescu, advocated on Monday, before she participated in the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) in Brussels, for a predictable timeline for the accession of Moldova and Ukraine to the European Union, as reported by the Romanian press.

Photo: The head of diplomacy in Bucharest stated that EU member states must use “all means” to assist Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

“At this crucial moment, it is important to use all the means at our disposal to continue supporting Ukraine,” said Luminița Odobescu, ahead of the first meeting of EU foreign ministers this year, reported by Agerpres.

She pointed out that “Ukraine must remain a priority on the European Union’s agenda.”

“We need to quickly implement very important steps for predictable support to Ukraine, namely establishing the support fund for Ukraine, unlocking the tranche from the European Instrument for Peace, reaching a political agreement at the European Council next week regarding the Mechanism for Ukraine, and having a predictable accession timeline (to the EU) for Ukraine and Moldova,” added the Foreign Minister from Bucharest.

Luminița Odobescu mentioned that “it is important to strengthen the strategic communication of EU member states, counter Russian narratives, and continue pressure on Russia.”


“This is why Romania supports a new package of sanctions against Russia,” stated the head of diplomacy in Bucharest.

It should be noted that Luminița Odobescu, the head of diplomacy in Bucharest, is participating on Monday, January 22, in the meeting of EU member states’ foreign affairs ministers in Brussels. The agenda of the meeting includes Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East.

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