President Sandu Honors Moldovan Prima Ballerina Alina Nanu in the Czech Republic

During her visit to the Czech Republic, President Maia Sandu had a special encounter with Alina Nanu, a renowned Moldovan ballerina who currently holds the title of prima ballerina at the National Theater in Prague. The meeting took place during a dinner event held as part of President Sandu’s visit.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Alina Nanu, the prima ballerina of the National Theater in Prague, last year in the performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ during my visit to the Czech Republic. This year, I had the distinct honor of conferring upon her the honorary title of ‘Artist al Poporului’ (Artist of the People) at a dinner hosted by the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel,” President Sandu shared on her Facebook page.

Alina Nanu’s journey in the world of ballet began in Chișinău, Moldova, after which she pursued her studies at the Prague Ballet School. With her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication, Alina has become a true ambassador of Moldova, promoting the culture and art of her homeland on international stages.

The President’s recognition of Alina Nanu’s achievements underscores the significance of cultural diplomacy and the role of artists in representing their countries and enriching global artistic heritage. Alina Nanu’s success serves as an inspiring example of Moldova’s cultural excellence and its ability to shine on the international stage.


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