President Sandu: The head of the Intelligence and Security Service must be a person outside the system

President Maia Sandu says that the presidential institution, in agreement with the deputies of the parliamentary majority, has already identified the person to be appointed to the head of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS). The head of state says it is a candidate from outside the system who will ensure the reform of the SIS. Maia Sandu says the government wants to strengthen the institution’s capabilities so that the SIS can gain a higher level of credibility, notes IPN.

President Maia Sandu says that the former head of the SIS, Alexandr Esaulenco, has done good things, but the time has come for a comprehensive reform of the institution. The head of state says that SIS will not be without leadership for a long time, as a candidate has already been identified.

Maia Sandu avoided saying who could take over the leadership of the SIS, mentioning only that it is a person who did not work in the institution, but knows the field of security.

“My opinion, which is also supported by the parliamentary majority, is that it would be good for a man to come from outside. We need to continue the reforms”, said Maia Sandu.

The President of the Republic of Moldova says that the reform of the SIS will involve a reduction of control areas and a strengthening of staff capacity.

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Yesterday, the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, received the resignation request of the head of the Intelligence and Security Service, Alexandr Esaulenco. The head of the SIS requested his dismissal, based on his personal request, in connection with the transfer to another job. According to the law, the resignation request is to be examined in the plenary of the Parliament.

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