Realitatea press group launches English – language news platform MOLDOVALIVE.MD

Today, the Realitatea press group launches a new web platform in English,

MOLDOVALIVE.MD is a contribution of the editorial team dedicated to our country, so that the Republic of Moldova becomes better known internationally and the whole world becomes aware that over 350,000 refugees have been helped by the citizens and the state of the Republic of Moldova. This effort was made possible by the spirit of national and international solidarity. WE strongly believe that peaceful coexistence and combating misinformation in such crises are very important.

MOLDOVALIVE.MD is an informational platform in English, with news about the Republic of Moldova, which presents the current and important social, economic, cultural, political news and events from other fields that occur in the country daily. MOLDOVALIVE.MD offers plentiful information about Moldova’s hospitality as a tourist destination, about business opportunities and facilities, but also about the Moldovan lifestyle.

The Realitatea press group has a vast experience in creating news websites in Romanian and Russian, which have become important sources of information for the country’s population, but also people living abroad.

It is important to know about the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is a small country, but with a big heart. Unfortunately, during the last 10 years, the Republic of Moldova has been known as the place where the “Bank Robbery of the Century” or the ” Russian Laundromat” happened. Moldova is not about that. Moldova is about 3 million great people, a third of whom make up the diaspora. Moldova is about solidarity and involvement, about Ukrainian refugees housed, supported, integrated into society. Moldova is about business opportunities for the local business, but also for foreign investors: authentic organic products, handmade products, technologies of the future, FEZs and development platforms available, unique festivals and internationally recognized art.

The launch of is a new step in the development of the Realitatea press group. It is an effort in speaking loudly about our country, presenting daily the most important information.”, said Otilia Cotruța, executive director of the Realitatea Press Group.

MOLDOVALIVE.MD is also on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Realitatea is an electronic media group, consisting of news platforms in Romanian – and, in Russian –, live broadcasting platform – and the 1st live broadcasting television RLIVE TV.

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