RFE journalist: European Commission debates show that Moldova could become EU candidate country

Ukraine and Moldova could receive EU candidate status, says Free Europe journalist Rikard Jozwiak. The statements were made after the European Commission held debates on the subject.

At the same time, according to Jozwiak, Europeans have doubts about the status of Georgia. A final decision would be made by them on Friday.

“Today, the European Commission had a policy debate on the applications for accession of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to the EU. The results show that conditional candidate status could be granted to Moldova and Ukraine, but there are questions about Georgia. Member States will deliver their final verdict next week” he said.

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We note that Ukraine applied to join the EU shortly after Putin ordered his troops to invade its neighboring country. In the same circumstances, similar requests were made by Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

Germany has previously opposed simplified accession procedures. At the same time, leaders in France and the United Kingdom were proposing to create specific EU communities tailored to the needs of this kind of states, where it will be much easier to integrate.

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