Romania offers Moldova 200 thousand sterile meters of wood for heating

Romania will grant the Republic of Moldova 200 thousand cubic meters (130 thousand cubic meters) of wood for heating. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița at the start of the Government meeting.

At the same time, the press across the Prut writes that a decision in this regard was approved today by the Bucharest Government, and the wood will be offered through the “Moldsilva” Agency.

“Taking into account the situation in which the Republic of Moldova finds itself regarding the provision of energy resources and in full solidarity with the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, we approve a firewood aid in the amount of 130,000 cubic meters”, announced Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă at the beginning of the Executive session.

The request to grant such aid was addressed to the Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, at the end of this July.


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