Romanian PM’s Visit to Chisinau: Discussions with Moldovan Leaders on European Integration and Security

Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, will arrive in Chișinău on Thursday for a series of high-level meetings. Among those on his schedule, there are planned face-to-face discussions with Prime Minister Dorin Recean, as well as meetings with President Maia Sandu and parliamentary speaker Igor Grosu.

According to a statement from the Romanian government, the visit is intended to reaffirm Romania’s strong support for Moldova’s ongoing reforms and progress towards European integration, as well as to promote economic cooperation and security.

Along with private discussions between the two Prime Ministers, officials from both countries’ governments are expected to engage in talks on priority areas, including infrastructure, diplomacy, and state affairs.

“This visit is a strong signal of Romania’s support for the Republic of Moldova,” said Daniel Vodă, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

“It underscores our commitment to helping Moldova achieve its goals of resilience, stability, and security,” added him.

The visit also marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the two neighboring countries, as it was Prime Minister Recean’s first official visit to Romania since taking office.

Overall, the talks are seen as a positive step towards further cooperation and partnership between Romania and Moldova, as they work towards shared goals of stability and progress.


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