Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu Discusses Situation in Moldova During London Visit

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu is currently in London for an official visit at the invitation of his British counterpart, Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly. The talks will focus on the most important elements of the strategic partnership between Romania and the United Kingdom, as well as relevant developments on the international stage, including the conflict in Ukraine, the situation in the Republic of Moldova, the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom, and cooperation within NATO.

Earlier this week, Aurescu highlighted at the Council of European Foreign Ministers that Moldova needs support and that those responsible for destabilizing actions must be sanctioned. According to a statement issued by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bucharest will ask the EU to continue to provide support across multiple areas to the authorities in Chișinău and will insist on the need to create a new sanctions regime that targets those responsible for destabilizing the situation in the Republic of Moldova, adding that Romania is already working on this.


Asked about Aurescu’s statements on Moldova and the Romanian official’s visit to London, the spokesman for the Moldovan government said that support for their country is part of Bucharest’s agenda. He added that “when it comes to promoting our country, Romania has always been close to us. In all the efforts made by Romanian diplomacy, it supports the Republic of Moldova not only regionally, but also internationally.”

It is worth noting that Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă is also scheduled to visit Moldova on Thursday, where he will have meetings with Dorin Recean, Maia Sandu, and Igor Grosu.

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