Safer births and healthier babies thanks to UNFPA and the US Government

Pregnant women, mothers, and babies in the south of the country will have better conditions and benefit from quality medical services. The maternity unit at the hospital in Cahul was equipped with modern equipment by UNFPA, with the financial support of the USA.

“I am honored to be here to participate in the opening of the renovated and equipped maternity hospital. This joint effort by the US Government, the UN Population Fund, and the Cahul District Hospital will provide women in the region with better access to specialized prenatal and postnatal medical services, as well as care for specific women’s and newborn health issues,” says the ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Moldova, Kent D. Logsdon.

The hospital in Cahul is one of the nine medical institutions that are equipped with similar medical equipment in the field of sexual and reproductive health. The total value of the lots provided by UNFPA for the entire system is $1.8 million and is to be installed over the coming months.


“The UN Population Fund, with the support of the US Government, has stepped up its efforts and modernized seven maternity hospitals and two specialized hospitals in the country. Cahul District Hospital is one of those nine hospitals that is fully equipped with delivery, operating, gynecological, and intensive care units. What does increasing the capacities of these nine perintological centers mean? This fact means that 15,000 births will be performed annually, with the support of high-performance equipment. And also, hundreds of critically ill newborns will be saved, too, thanks to modern equipment installed in intensive care units. The UN Population Fund is particularly pleased to support Moldovan doctors, who show selflessness and perseverance in times of crisis. With this equipment, they will offer quality services both to women from Moldova and to refugees from Ukraine”, says Dr. Saidkasim Sakhipov, UNFPA Emergency Coordinator.

“Our hospital not only serves the population of Cahul district and municipality but also people from neighboring districts, such as Vulcănești, Taraclia, and Cantemir. The high-performance medical devices and equipment will provide better conditions for the treatment of patients, but also for our activity, the medical workers”, declares Lilia Postolachi, interim director of the Cahul District Hospital.

Thus, 22 delivery rooms will be fully equipped, which will mean that approximately 15,000 births will take place annually in safer conditions, and newborns in serious situations will be saved thanks to the eight units equipped with modern resuscitation equipment and intensive care.

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