Moldova will be able to import liquefied natural gas from Greece

The Revythousa terminal is increasing its capacity to export quantities of liquefied natural gas (LNG), to cover part of the needs of other countries in South-East Europe, such as Romania, Moldova and even Ukraine, writes the economic portal.

The energy crisis has highlighted the important role of this energy infrastructure in the Gulf of Megara in Greece, an infrastructure which, as a result of modernization projects and the addition of a new floating storage tank (FSU), is increasing its total storage capacity as well as the number of LNG ships it can receive.

According to the executive director of the Greek gas operator DESFA, Maria Rita Gkali, the 12% increase in the regasification capacity of the station at Revythousa, the company’s investment in the FSRU station at Alexandroupoli, as well as the expansion of the TAP pipeline and the Greek-Bulgarian IGB pipeline, gives Greece an advantage in dealing with a possible crisis in natural gas supplies.

Maria Rita Gkali points out, however, that all these infrastructures will require significant investment to strengthen the DESFA network, so that Greece can function as a hub for meeting the energy needs of other countries as well.


“Various investments are needed to integrate new natural gas projects into the system (FSRU, TAP pipeline expansion, IGB pipeline) so that Greece can function as a gateway to meet the energy needs of South-Eastern Europe. As part of the RePowerEU Plan, DESFA has submitted a series of project proposals that will increase natural gas exports to neighboring countries”, Maria Rita Gkali pointed out.

According to her, since the beginning of the energy crisis and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the export capacity of the Revythousa station has been significantly strengthened, and the LNG ships arriving here cover the energy needs not only of Greece, but also of Bulgaria. This role of the Revythousa station will be further strengthened in the coming period, as through Bulgaria, Greece will have the opportunity to export quantities of gas to cover part of the needs of other countries in South-Eastern Europe, such as Romania, Moldova and even Ukraine.

The Republic of Moldova is 100% dependent on the Russian gas supplier Gazprom. For the month of October, the purchase price is over one thousand USD per thousand cubic meters, and the tariff for domestic consumers was increased by 27.2%, to 29.26 lei per cubic meter. From October 1, the import price of gas is calculated according to a different formula. It is 70% the price of oil and 30% the spot price of methane.

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