Sergiu Litvinenco, about pre-vetting: It is a very important and strategic exercise for the Republic of Moldova

The Minister of Justice, Sergiu Litvinenco, attended day the organizational meeting of the Evaluation Commission (Pre-vetting Commission), which was attended by almost all members, including international ones, and representatives of development partners, who support and offer the assistance needed for the successful implementation of systemic justice reform. During the meeting, topics related to the work of the Commission and the Secretariat were addressed, and solutions for their proper functioning were identified.

“Pre-vetting is a very important and strategic exercise for the Republic of Moldova, which will lay the foundations for justice reform. It is not a superficial and mimicked reform as it has been done for years. It is an essential reform that will lead to the creation of self-governing bodies for honest, professional and courageous judges and prosecutors. Of course, we want this evaluation to take place sooner, but this must not happen to the detriment of quality “, the Minister of Justice pointed out.
In this context, Sergiu Litvinenco said that the Ministry of Justice will continue to provide the necessary support, as far as it can, because the Evaluation Commission is independent. At the same time, the Minister mentioned that it is very important to communicate as much as possible about the work of the Commission, so that there is maximum transparency in this process.

“I am glad to see the desire of the members of the Commission to start checking the integrity of the candidates for the position of SCM and CSP as soon as possible. I appreciate the openness and full involvement of donors in this process, which is quite difficult and complex, “said Minister Sergiu Litvinenco.

We remind you the the pre-vetting procedure is part of the justice reform announced by PAS. In this procedure, a commission comprised of national, as well as international experts will evaluate the activity and the integrity of the judges and prosecutors. Those deemed corrupt and/or inefficient are to be removed from the system.

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