Siegfried Muresan: Moldovan people will feel the benefits of European integration throughout the negotiation process

The negotiation process is highly beneficial as it accelerates Moldova’s integration into the European Union. People will experience tangible benefits throughout this process, not just upon accession. Siegfried Muresan, Chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Moldova, emphasized this viewpoint.

Muresan welcomed the agreement of EU ambassadors on the accession negotiation framework with Moldova and Ukraine.

“The fact that we have reached an agreement on the negotiating framework just two years after granting candidate country status underscores the significance of Moldova and Ukraine for the entire European Union,” he stated.

“As Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the Republic of Moldova, I ensured the adoption of this framework by the end of June to facilitate scheduling the first intergovernmental conference before autumn, enabling us to begin work on negotiating chapters. The European Parliament fully supports Moldova in its accession process,” Siegfried Muresan emphasized.


During a recent visit to Chisinau, Siegfried Muresan met with President Maia Sandu, Prime Minister Dorin Recean, Deputy Prime Minister Cristina Gherasimov, and Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi. He noted that the Chisinau authorities are well-prepared for the negotiations.

Last week, the European Union announced its intention to commence accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine, with the first Moldova-EU Intergovernmental Conference scheduled for 25 June.

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