The airspace of the Republic of Moldova was closed today. Now it is reopen

First, the information appeared on the Runway09 Telegram channel. This was followed by the message of the Civil Aeronautical Authority, which so far has not provided any information about the reason for the application of the measure.

“Following the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Airspace Management, a NOTAM was issued for the temporary closure of the airspace of the Republic of Moldova at 11:24 a.m., February 14, in order to ensure the safety and security of civil aviation. At 14:47, the airspace was reopened. We will return along the way with additional details”, announces the Civil Aviation Authority.


Information is circulating on Telegram channels that the measure was applied after drones entered our airspace. There are no confirmations or denials for now, but a passenger wrote in the comments to the announcements that she knew about missiles that crossed the territory of our country.

It happens in the context where, announcing possible diversions, Maia Sandu urged citizens on Monday to get information only from official sources.

It should be mentioned that nothing is known about the alleged diversions of the sports microbists, although the PAS deputy Adrian Cheptonar was talking about them. The Serbian supporters were refused entry into the country, the Border Police only stated that they could not justify the purpose of the visit, and the SIS has not yet reacted. Up to this time, even their exact number is not known, with some sources citing that there would be at least 12, and others, including Cheptonar, talking about the entire gallery.

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