We are alert, but there is no reason for panic, declares minister Nicu Popescu

The situation in the Republic of Moldova is calm and there is no reason to panic. The declaration was made by the acting deputy prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs, Nicu Popescu, in the context of the announcement made by the country’s president, Maia Sandu.

“The Republic of Moldova has been alert to the risks in the region for a long time. We are in the region with many security risks. Starting from the end of 2021, when our external partners alerted us about escalation and even a major invasion, the Republic of Moldova prepared for the entire spectrum of scenarios, both for Ukraine and for the Republic of Moldova. We must note that the Republic of Moldova has been in a very dangerous geographical area for some time. This year, the Republic of Moldova went through several difficult moments. Obviously, the risks stated by the president, attempts to destabilize, attempts to provoke violence on the territory of the country, including those coordinated from outside, are a type of risks that we have been aware of for some time, we are prepared for a certain spectrum of scenarios . At the same time, the situation in the Republic of Moldova is calm. The authorities, the institutions are doing their job well. They have faced the risks in the last year. We are alert, but there is no reason to panic”, declared Nicu Popescu.


The statement was made during a press conference held alongside the acting President of the OSCE, Bujar Osmani.

“I’m glad to be in Chisinau, to hear from the first source about those concerns. I call on all participating countries to maintain the OSCE principles, promote them, strengthen them, when it comes to relations between states. We will support the Republic of Moldova in terms of strengthening democracy”, commented Osmani.

On Monday, February 13, the Head of State, Maia Sandu, declared that military subversives from Russia, Belarus, Macedonia and Serbia would come to our country to change power. Sandu revealed the information transmitted by Vladimir Zelensky, about which the Ukrainian leader was speaking in Brussels. According to her, the final goal is to change the final course of the country, to put Moldova under the influence of Russia and endanger the European course.

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