The Chisinau touristic bus will have a special route on weekends. It will be dedicated to famous couples

This weekend, the touristic trolleybus will have a themed route dedicated to famous couples from Chisinau. Chisinau City Hall announces that in the context of International Family Day, the touristic trolleybus will have a special route.

The trip aims to promote tourist attractions and familiarize citizens with the biographies of famous personalities, who have contributed to strengthening the image of Chisinau internationally.

The development of the “white stone” city was influenced by several famous families and couples in the capital, such as: Mihail and Elizaveta Voronțov, Alexandru and Olga Plămădeală, Cristina and Alexandru Bernardazzi, Constantin and Iulia Mimi, Regina Natalia Kesco- Obrenovich and King Milan I of Serbia, Xenia Vincentini and Sergei Koroliov, Ecaterina and Nicolae Ivanov, Maria Cebotari and Alexandru Virubov, Emil Loteanu and Svetlana Toma, Elena Casso and Gheorghe Donici, Iulia and Alexandru A. von Gheiking, Ion and Doina Aldea- Teodorovici, Grigore and Raisa Vieru, Glebus Sainciuc and Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu, Natalia Dadiani and Giorgi Beglari, Carol Schmitd and Maria Cristi.

Thus, between May 14-15, 2022, the thematic excursions with the Tourist Trolleybus will take place according to the following schedule:

12:00 – tour in Russian;
14:00 – tour in Romanian;
16:00 – tour in Russian;
18:00 – tour in Romanian.
The special journey will start at the Arc de Triumph. The price of a trip is 30 lei. A maximum of 22 people will be allowed to board per trip. Children up to 7 years old, must be attended by a parent.

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