“Yesterday all of Moldova and all of Romania were on stage”!

“Yesterday all of Moldova and all of Romania were on stage”! This is the first message from the band Zdob and Zdub and the Advahov brothers after qualifying for the Eurovision final.

Moldovan representatives thanked fans around the world for their support. They claim that there was madness in the hall, but also on the competition stage.

“Those in the hall had fun, danced, shouted. The room was delirious. It was an incendiary atmosphere. Many of our fans came from all over the world. Thank you. Hey ho! Let’s go folklore and rock’n’roll, let’s move on to the finals! ”Said the artists.

After the performance in the first semifinal of Zdob and Zdub and the Advahov brothers, Moldova became more popular in the competition. It rose from 24th to 15th place in the top of bookmakers, and the BBC wrote that “these guys mean Eurovision”.

The final of the international music competition will take place on May 14. Among the favorites for the competition is Ukraine, for which the highest chances of winning are forecasted, followed by Italy and the United Kingdom.

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