How does war affect the drug market?

The drug market in the Republic of Moldova does not suffer much in the context of the war in Ukraine. Vasile Cazacu, the director of Balcan Pharmaceuticals, claims that there are logistical impediments, but the raw product reaches its destination.

According to him, the biggest short-term risk is that the company will face shortcomings. For example, due to military action in the neighboring country, deliveries were disrupted and the terms were increased two or three times.

“Ukraine, Russia, Belarus are significant producers and with a significant presence on the Moldovan market, we believe that there is a risk of temporary deficits until an alternative is found.

The pandemic situation has shown that pharmaceutical security is one of the state’s priorities. At the beginning of the pandemic, most countries banned the export of certain medicines from its territory and a vacuum was created for certain products, which was later compensated. Recently, more logistical problems have arisen. Delivery date.

Delivery time for raw materials, packaging, and other excipients has been significantly increased. Logistics was disrupted both by sea, land and air. In some cases, the delivery period has doubled in time and cost. The product arrives at the factory late. We are working in advance to have sufficient stocks and to ensure the presence of medicines on the market “, said Vasile Cazacu.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the largest drug factory in the Republic of Moldova. With four industrial flows, the company ensures the production of over 200 names of medicines, in different forms, doses and variations of packaging – tablets, capsules, powders, ampoules, vials. The company has ambitious plans to expand into the CIS and EU markets, increase its number of employees, turnover and nomenclature.

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