The Republic of Moldova, hit by unprecedented inflation!

Annual inflation in March 2022 reached 27.07%. Food prices rose by 30.17%, non-food goods by 19.13% and services provided to the population by 34.4%, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

By categories, vegetables were the most expensive by 69%, eggs – 53.2%, vegetable oil – 18.2%, bread – 26.6%, meat and meat products – 23.6%, fruits – 17.6%, dairy products – 23.17%.

For non-food products, the highest prices were recorded in energy resources – fuels – 47.8%. At the same time, the prices of construction materials increased by 37.3%, and garments – 13.6%.

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For the services provided to the population, the most expensive were due to the increase in prices for communal-housing services – 70.2%. Thus, the gas in the network was, on average, 227% more expensive and the central heating – 92%. Passenger transport has risen by 32% and public catering by 21%.

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