President Maia Sandu comes with comments on Moldova’s European integration

The government could send the answers to the second questionnaire this week, based on which the European Commission will assess the situation in the Republic of Moldova. President Maia Sandu says that Chisinau does not expect to be spared in the process of Eu Integration, but is ready to take full responsibility for this process.

The head of state mentions that there is no competition between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in the process of obtaining the status of candidate for accession, and Kiev deserves to be privileged in this regard.

Maia Sandu says that it does not matter if Moldova will obtain the status of candidate country during the European summit in June, it is important that the process of Eu Integration has begun and it becomes irreversible, according to

According to the head of state, Ukraine deserves to be the European Union’s favorite in this process, for its fight for the freedom of the whole of Europe.

Maia Sandu says that a large team of civil society officials and experts contributed to the completion of the two questionnaires received from the European Union. Romania was also the one that provided the Republic of Moldova with expertise in completing the file.

“This week, the government will most likely send the answers to the second questionnaire. These questionnaires will represent an x-ray of the situation in the Republic of Moldova. The European Commission will assess things and make a recommendation. We were delighted to see the vote in the European Parliament supporting us. But the European Parliament is not alone. There are more institutions, the European Commission, the European Council where the decision is made. It won’t be that simple. A Romanian team was invited for the second questionnaire. Romania is a country that has all the experience, it has gone through these processes and we are grateful to them for giving us a helping hand “, said the President of the Republic of Moldova.

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On 5th May, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the Member States to grant the Republic of Moldova the status of a candidate country for accession.

Through the text of the resolution, the European Parliament asks the European institutions for financial support for the Republic of Moldova in the form of new macro-financial assistance.

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