The construction of a new overhead power line linking Moldova’s energy system with Romania’s has been announced by President Maia Sandu

Today, the Head of State participated in the event marking the start of construction works for the 400 kV overhead power line from Vulcanesti to Chisinau. This power line will link the energy systems of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

“It is one of the most significant projects since independence, representing a turning point between two stages – a vulnerable Moldova to those who can turn off the gas or light as they please, and an independent Moldova free to choose where it buys electricity, at the best price and without the pressure of political blackmail from outside,” President Maia Sandu stressed.

The project had been delayed for decades because previous governments did not prioritize freeing Moldova from blackmail and energy dependence, according to the head of state.


“The Government is overseeing the construction of a power line that will span 158 km and cross 8 districts, starting from Congaz and set to be completed in 2025. Additionally, work is currently being carried out on three interconnection lines with Romania and Ukraine: Balti-Suceava, Strașeni-Gutinas, and Vulcanesti-Arciz in the Odesa region”President Maia Sandu added.

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